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Roof Replacement

  • May 21, 2015
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RSB Construction  is a full service provider for all your roof related problems as it has been roofing contractor since 2007. RSB can fill all your roofing need with in no time and at affordable cost. The material used by our company is of high standard with full guarantees and warranties. One can get a large variety of roofing services from shingle roofing, to tiles, wood roofing, flat roofing, torch roofing. We can make  new installationf roofs and repair or replacement of your existing location, as well. Roof is the chief asset that can increase the value of your house, so you can choose a wide range of roofing services depending on your budget.

RSB construction LLC is a pioneer in construction works offering you the best services.  Located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The company is known for its innovation, quality framing, and providing new construction services that suit you. The services provided by RSB Construction Company are fast, safe and efficient at the most reasonable price. The roofing services offered by RSB are at par excellence. The roofing is done by utilizing the strongest materials, as it is one of the protecting factors of a home. Roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of home, so its construction should be held at most care.

RSB provides you with various kinds of roofing for you to choose, some of them are flat roof, torch roof, construction of new roof, shingles. For the purpose, of fulfilling roofing needs, RSB takes pleasure to provide you some services like:

  • Additional roofing – Re-roofing or additional roofing, you can add extra roof depending on the age of your house and your dwelling place.

  • Wear and tear- Excellent services and quality construction by RSB give you the toughest construction.

  • Ice barrier- Provision of ice-back up increases your roof’s life.

  • Ventilation- Proper planning of ventilation enables to make a pass to unhealthy air.